Teaching philosophy

Becoming a teacher has always been a dream of mine. I have always felt that every child deserves a fair and equitable opportunity to a great education. Helping to create these opportunities for all my students is my first goal. The way to begin to give these opportunities is to have a safe and caring environment for the students to be able to go to everyday. To do this I intend to have a diverse multicultural classroom, where all of my students will want to come into. I will also to be sure to have a patience and kind environment for them. I want all of my students, as well their families, to be able to approach me with questions they may have and not feel intimidated to do so.

A diverse, multicultural classroom will also be a key aim for me to provide. We all must realize that no two people learn the same or come from the exact same family/ home environment. We have to be sure that as a teacher we are going to provide an equal and equitable learning environment. This means that we will have to provide opportunities for success in the classroom to all the students. As well with this we have to be sure we are aware of all of our student’s cultures and traditions to be sure we are going to honor them within all of our teachings.

Experiential learning for young children is a fun and effective way for them to learn. When children have the opportunity to do what they learn, they will have an easier time learning and remembering the material presented to them. I have observed this way of learning lead to success in a grade ½ split I had the opportunity to work in. This is why I intend to base my teaching strategies on Experiential learning. This type of learning also opens up the opportunity for diverse learners to be able to use strategies that will work for them.  To assess the students learning we must provide diverse ways to be able to do this as no two students will be the same. My classroom will have a wide variety of ways to assess my students learning, from projects, to worksheets, and sometimes even a little test.

Organization is another key to success when in a classroom. We need to be sure that this organization also reflects in the classroom as well. Children will not be comfortable or be able to focus in a classroom that is unorganized and messy. Also, we must be sure to prepare for the unexpected. There is nothing more discouraging and distracting to a student than waiting for something to do. We must make the most out of our time with them, so we have to pre-plan extra activities for them to do if our original plan does not work out.

As a teacher I want to be sure that my students feel safe and respected in my classroom. We will join together to celebrate each other, along with our cultures and diversities. I aim to provide this type of environment for then, as well I hope to be able to learn as much from them as they do from me. I intend to continuously enhance my learning to be able to provide them with the best education I can provide.