Youtube Video response blog. Indigenous language revitalization!

This video is an interesting one and made me really think about what it is to really own something. This is not something I really thought of growing up. I mean why would I, when i grew up in a white based culture, where everything is based on ownership. Your parents own your house, it is on a piece of land they ‘own’ and have to pay taxes for, we pay a water bill every month. However, as i have been going through university and thinking about all we are learning about first nations people and how they respect the land, and live with it I have thought about this concept.

I really enjoyed when April talks about how her conversation with her niece would have been different when she learned about this concept of no ownership of anything in the natural world. When she says she would have asked what she learned from the bug, and about their connection. To think about how she would start to see the world differently, she would be able to learn that everything in the natural world including us is connected in some way. Not only for Aprils niece, but for all of us, I think if more people started to think about the world not as possessions but as a place to live with we would not be facing some of the major problems of today.

I truly feel that our world would be a more beautiful place if we were not trying to force this new age look to it. By doing this we are destroying all we have good. Look at the deforestation numbers in the world. Since the beginning of agriculture we have lost almost 47% of all the trees on earth, all so someone can make some money? I think if we were to stop and listen and learn from our first nations people, we could start to bring back a world i am proud to live in.


Technology enhances learning in the classroom, or does it???

A few weeks ago I had a debate with a classmate of mine Webster Fox, we debated about weather technology enhances technology in the classroom or not. Now I was debating that it does not enhance learning. This was a hard debate for me because I started out thinking but technology is great how could i ever find a way to say its not. While doing all the research for my debate I started to realise that technology may not be as great as i thought. Now please don’t get me wrong I am still not convinced that it is all bad. I truly believe that if we use everything properly and teach our students how to be responsible it does have its benefits.

Here are a few things i feel that we need to remember when using our technology.

  1. We have to be sure that the technology is accessible to ALL the students in the class. Technology can be expensive, and not all students will be able to afford their own, and we have to be sure that we are able to provide it to our students to use if they cant.
  2. Technology is advancing so fast we will have to keep up with it. If we don’t our students could lose touch with the technology they need.
  3. It can take time away from the curriculum if we are not using it in the proper way or we are always trying to teach the students how to use it.
  4. It can cause a distraction to the students, they may want to use it for other purposes. This will cause us as teachers to be monitoring the students when they are using it.
  5. Students may become dependent on it, and not be able to do basics such as use the library and math formulas on paper.

I think these are just a few things to think about when we are putting the technology in the classroom. However, there is so many positive uses for it. A few examples is keeping up to date with the news, connecting with other places around the world, and being able to help our students to build the digital citizenship skills.

Technology in the classroom, i will do my best but i am scared.

To be honest with you, i am taking these technology classes but i am still feeling very overwhelmed. Growing up i did not have a lot of experience in learning with or about technology. I find myself overwhelmed with how fast it moves and grows. However with that said i am looking forward to learn along the way and with my students.

I have been trying to do some research to help me understand some of the technology used in the classroom. One Article I found was really helpful as it talks about the easiest as well as useful technology in the classroom.

thWhen it comes to using technology I have to try and remember it does not have to be the most fancy or complicated stuff

482386_actual(besides we all know our profession really does not have the budget to provide this). So Why try to learn the most complicated stuff, when really we can introduce technology in the classroom with a lot less stress.

I have always thought when talking about technology in our classrooms it was all about the type of technology, like the ipads or smartboards. However, It is not only about the devices we use in our classroom, it’s about how we use technology. I really enjoyed reading about this on education world. This article gave me some insight about integrating technology can be as simple as looking at the weather online in the morning with your class. And here I thought it would be more difficult almost like building our own technology.

Technology to enhance learning sure, but have you ever thought about the implications?

I have to admit that going into this debate i had a hard time thinking about the negative side of this question. I still believe that there is so many uses for technology to help student learn. We do live in a world where everything is based on technology. You have resumes, essays for school, and applying for jobs online, just to name a few. I also find you would be hard pressed to find any job that does not use technology. Even as a pre-service teacher, i do everything on my computer.

I find that in this day we cannot go without showing children how to use the technology. They deserve to know how it works, and what it is used for. As well technology can have special uses when it comes to adapting to learning for some students. This can also help them to succeed.

tech yes

But when we are using it we need to be showing them not only how it works but also how to use it responsibly. This brings me to the other side of the debate. How technology is used to hinder learning.

There really is such thing as too much technology. Children need to be able to be independent from technology as well, and not have to rely on it. If this is the only thing we re starting to use with our students let me ask you: How will the succeed if this fails? and why are we even becoming teachers if our students will only learn on technology? This may see to be a silly question to some but no to me. There are some teachers out there the solely rely on technology, their student done even know how to research in a library. As educators we need to help the students understand a healthy balance by showing them the appropriate uses for technology or we are going to start seeing it really take over.

tech no

The last point i would like to talk about is the cost of all this. Our school systems seem to have less and less teacher supports then it used to but we are looking for money to put extra technology in the classrooms that sometimes never get used. Look at the cost of putting smart boards in all the classrooms. Some of this is never even used by teachers because they do not know how. So now more money is being spent on the training to use them. Also what about all of the other potential losses for the schools by using all this money. Then we have to spend to upkeep the technology. Now what about the children who families cannot afford to send it to the classroom, and they are in a school that does not have the money to provide it to them. I could really go on for a while about the cost implications but i won’t. I think you get my point.

I will finish my post saying that even though I was on the con side of this argument, I am really stuck in the middle of it. I can see both the potential and the downfalls of using it with learning. I just have to remember when it comes to my classroom i will have to be both smart and equitable to all my students when it comes to how and when i will use it.


What will i Learn in Cree 100

Tansi all.

Here i am thinking about my final project for cree, and it seems funny that the semester is already almost half over. I like to think i am creative but when i think about these projects, i feel lost. This is not because i don’t want to do it, i am very excited. I just would not want to mess up. I find that any language is a sacred one, and it is important to be true to it as you would a culture.

With this said, i think i am going to try and make a cree cartoon. I am hoping to be able to use this in my classroom if i can. This will help me and my future students learn a little about the cree culture. So what do you think?

Guess who???????

When we are in person it is easy to see who we really are. It is really hard to be another person. I mean sure we can put on a ‘show’ and act differently, or dress differently, but can we look like someone else? When it comes to putting ourselves online how do we know if what you see is what you get?  I could put up this picture on my profile


And say its me. I could even give myself a new name, lets say im caroline. I am now 24 years old and work as a barista and live in New York. How can you tell if i am telling the truth? You cant, thats what makes this so scary. Not only do we have no real idea who we are actually talking to, we don’t know what kind of information they can find out about us.

I have also come to realise that yes I was the one who was able to create my own digital identity! I am not the person i just pretended to be I am just me. Melanie George. I was able to create my own profiles and put my own photos on the internet. However, so many young children do not have the choice of what is being created for them. As a parent i never realised that by posting photos and information i am creating my children’s digital identities for them, and i am not not sure that it is fair. They never had the choice, and now they never will. I have taken this away from them.

I think that when it comes to digital identities we have to remember 3 things

  1. You have to be cautious about what you are seeing and what you believe.
  2. You need to be respectful and truthful with your own information, but don’t give too much.
  3. Lastly be vary careful what you are putting of someone else even if it is your children or family, let them have a choice!

What moves fast, grows quick, and can scare the heck out of you?


Do you remember the time when you were able to leave your house and not panic because you forgot your cell phone? Or when you could do all your work at school even thought you did not have your laptop with you? I do and it really was simpler back then.  I remember when my school got its first computer lab, and we went to typing class once a week, and that was all of my school days with technology. We are just living in this crazy day where technology moves so fast. How are you supposed to even keep up?

Lets take a look at cell phones for example:

Now if you look at the 3rd phone from the left, that is what my first one looked like. I remember when the first flip phone came out, the first colored screen, the first camera, and the first smart phone. That was only in 17 years. In reading an article about the evolution of cellphones, and the key moments of history with them, pre-2001 (when i graduated high school) there were 13 notable changes in models of phones and 3 major brand names. Since then there have been 58 by 2015. Now if that is not fast enough, let’s talk about the scary side of technology.

I feel technology does not come with any guaranteed safety, privacy, or security. There is no safety in the internet, look at the cyber bullying that goes on. Not only can people contact you if you don’t want them to, they can do it anonymously. You have to cover your webcam or someone can hack into it and watch you, and companies are able to track everything you look at and make sure you only see advertisements based on your search history. No privacy there. As for security, is their such a thing with all the new technology that can get through the old stuff?

On top of all some people will go as far as to say technology will cause humans extinction.

Now i do know that there is a lot of positive things about technology, but that is for another post.