I’m ready to eat!

So over the last few moths I have been working to build my family a new table and bench for our kitchen. I am happy to say I am done finally. Woo Hoo! I bet you guys are ready to see it. Well here it is….


IMG_0698 IMG_0700 IMG_0702

I have to tell you I have had so much fun building these projects. I never thought the internet could be so much help. Okay maybe I did but I never really took the time to use it like this before. Now that I have shown my family my finished project, they all want one. Maybe I will have to quit school and become a carpinter!

Nah Ill stick to doing it for fun.

Now that I am done check out my learning resources page so you can see all of the sites I used to help me with my project, I even list all the pro’s and con’s of each.




I cant wait to use my table!

On average I have been working about 3 hours a week on this project. I am really having a lot of fun. I find it a bit of a stress re-leaver, with the hammering and drilling. Seeing as I have done the bench first, I do not need to use as many internet resources to build the table.

As I put my table together, it may look a lot like when I built the bench. However, believe me their was different challenges. For instance when your table is large and heavy,


How do i flip it over to put the middle pieces in all by my self? It was a struggle I tell you, but I managed to do it. I even flipped it back again see…


From here I was able to align all the table top pieces and screw them down. The two end pieces were very difficult to do because I had to hold them down and screw them in at the same time. Now it looks like the table I was hoping for.


I am so excited it has turned out so well. All that us left for me to do is stain and finish it. Below are a few more photos of the building process:

Now that I can sit where shall I eat?

So now that I have successfully built a bench (it has not fallen apart even with 4 people on it), I need a table. Currently the one I have is really small, and does not look anywhere as nice as my bench. So My solution is to build one. I have added an link to the table that I am building.



First I had to buy the materials, and do you know how hard it is to find ceder 4×4,s? I had to go to four stores to find them. The people who were helping me looked at me like I was a little slow not knowing it was not that popular. Oh well, I found it and now I can use it.

Once again I cut all my wood all bye myself, and did not get hurt once! Not even a sliver.


Did you it takes about 3 hours to cut all the wood to make a table. Measure, double check, cut and check one more time.


I Am ready to build!!!

So I have been away for awhile, that’s what happens when in University I guess. Midterms sure take away from everything else. During this time i was able to get a bench built. Whoo Hooo! I can;t believe I did it.

I managed to spend some down time in the basement working on the bench. I had an interesting time with the drill and screws. I got my first few pieces put together and then realized i put them on wrong. Awe darn!! So I take the screws out, put the pieces in the new place, yet why wont the screws go throw?? I am now using my entire weight and their is smoke coming out, and all I can think is is their a knot in the wood? Then I realize, OOOPs i forgot to take the reverse direction off the drill. Well at least I got it in.   IMG_0866      IMG_0867


Now that that is done I can continue on. with lots of hard work and patients (and maybe a little yelling and frustration) I finally got my bench built. Okay so I am done right? nope not even close.

Now I have to sand, stain, and put a protective coat on it. What kind do I use you ask? Well I found out ideas on what to choose and what to look for on this site.


After a few days of staining the bench, then waiting 24 hrs for it to dry. Then doing it all over again, the bench is ready to be sat on.




The day of the wood cutting!

I have been working on my bench, and wow there are so many things I need to learn how to do. Like did you know there are certain things to look for when you buy your wood? I didn’t. I though all you had to do way go to the store and pick up what is on your shopping list. Boy do i feel like such a girl right now.


So I looked at this website to find out what I should avoid when making the bench and table. This site was a great resource to show me the do’s and dont’s when building with wood. I am glad I found it.

I guess you would like to see my progress to date. Well here are a few pictures to show you all what I have done.

Learning project resources

These first links are the projects I would like to do:

I really enjoyed little green bow site to find my project, it is very easy to navigate through. I also really liked that it broke down the supplies list and the cut list as well. It is very easy direction for a person who is just trying to learn to make a project.



I had also looked at one other site for ideas of tables I would like to build. However, this one was not as organized or helpful for a beginner like me.


The next set of links are the place’s I went for help, the first few are the ones I looked at before I started the project, and sometime even during the building process to remind myself of all the things I need to remember.


  • This site was an okay one, but it did not directly relate to the table I was gong to build. If I were going to make a bookcase I may have been able to get more out of it.


  • I really liked this site because it was able to tell me all of the potential issues that could arise with building things, then it gives ideas and tips on how to prevent or fix them. It also explained it in an easy way to understand.


  • This site was useful to me because I have never really used a power drill before. I helped make me aware of all the safety issues that could arise, as well as how to choose the right drill bit. This is very important to know so you don’t risk hurting yourself or wrecking the project you are working on.

This video helped me to figure out how to stain my table and bench properly. You tube can be awesome to help with ny project.

And Finally these photos are the projects start to finish:

Learning Project

In my ECMP355 class I am doing a learning project. I have always wanted to be able to build with wood, but have always been afraid of the power tools. Well now is my chance to change that. For my Project I have decided to build my family a new table and bench for our kitchen. So here it goes, first I will start small and build the Bench. Don’t forget to keep looking back to watch my progress.