What is technology really doing to our childrens childhood?

Now this is a big question. If i were to answer this before i have taken these EDTC classes, i would have said that I think it it is kind of ruining it. When I was a kid I got an 5-6 hours of TV a week, now this is lower than the average was at that time which was about 20 hours a week.  Now we see kids from 6-8 year olds are having screen time (for entertainment purposes) 6 hours a day.


I mean think about it, kids are sometimes even using more than one device at a time. My son for example, i have had to tell him to stop using a tablet when he is playing on the xbox. He then tells me he just needs to watch a youtube video to show him how to do something in his game. What ever happened to just figuring it out on your own? No wonder why kids are so bored of games now, they have all the answers and cheats on how to play it before they even do.


My childhood was very tech limited. I could not wait to get home from school so i could go to the park. Or even go play with my friends. My kids are like lets play together i’ll go on my tablet and you go on the computer we can play together. This confuses me to now end. However, in class a great point was brought up how can technology be ruining their childhood when it is their childhood? This really made me think hard. I had not thought about it in that way before. Our childhood is what we make it, what is the thing to do at the time. One may have said tv was ruining childhood in my day because there was none in another generations childhood. But who are we to say really?


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