Edtc 400 final post!

Wow what a semester it has been. I have taken 4 classes during my pre-internship and manages to even keep up (mostly) with the two that were not put on hold for that time.

During this time I really enjoyed this class and doing all the things in it like the Debates. Everyone of them were interesting and made me really think about my position on each topic. My favorite one however was the debate between Emily and Brian. I love how the two of them had been debating different sides to two different topics and ended up making it so they both connected verywell. Great job you two. I also really like how we were able to teach and learn how we can help out students become good digital citizens through class instruction.


Another great thing this semester was we had the opportunity to Mentor the EDTC 300 class. This was a great opportunity for me to see how other people felt about digital technology from where i was last year. I also really enjoyed getting to see then progress through their learning projects. It is amazing what we can learn and teach ourselves through technology today.

The only regret i do have from the semester is that i did not take more time to comment on my mentees blogs. I was always reading then but i have a hard time trying to write to another student about work that i feel they are doing better than me at. I think all four of my edtc 300 mentes did an amazing job this semester and i would be proud to have them teach my kids the way they were able to teach themselves. So check out my mentee log

to see what i did comment on through the semester, as well as it will bring you to 4 amazing blogs that i highly recommend reading.


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