Cree 100 final Project

Well another semester comes to an end. When I had to think about taking a second language class Cree was no the first one that came to mind. Everyone was talking about how beneficial taking French would be seeing as it it the official second language and all.

Well as i have gone through the education program i have come to realise how important the First Nations people and their cultures are to not only me but the community and country as a whole. In my teaching english as a second language class i learned a lot about identity and how language is a very important of that. I also have learned that the cree language along with many other First Nations languages are quickly dieing or have died. As a educator and a person who lives on treaty 4 land i need to do what i can to help restore the lost language and honour those who were here first. This is why i chose to take Cree and my language class. I can learn about the history, the language it self, and maybe even help someday to bring it back.

So check out my final cree project, i made a video describing myself and a bit of what i have learned this semester.


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