Equity in Education with technology!

There was a debate in our class and once again it was not an easy one to side with. Does technology help to create equity in the classroom? It was so hard for me to pick a side. I really believe that yes it can help to create the equity. However, how can it work when in a lot of the situations those who need it cant afford it? Look at this photo I found:

April 3 DE Infographic _Page_1

It is amazing to me that 75% of schools surveyed don’t have any way for their students to use any type of connectivity outside of school. How are these students supposed to be able to complete any homework that needs this? How will these students feel? I would feel left out and would not want to try because i know it would fail because i don’t have the resources i need.

I really like how COSN is working to help fight the digital divide. This site can help us with resources we can use to create the Tech-equity we look for in the schools.

There is so much divide, but there is something we can do if we work together. I am a huge believer in equity over equality, so we need to help those who need the technology the most get it not just those who have the money for it. Let’s put our heads and resources together to get this to those in need.


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