Two debate topics into one! Awesome.

In my EDTC class as we got ready for the big debate topic, the two debaters quickly realised that there was a miscommunication between them and they both prepared different debate topics!!!! At first I thought how on earth can this turn into a debate? But as i have learned so far, i just have to go with it!

The first topic prepare by Emily was: Public education has sold its soul to corporate interests in what amounts to a Faustian bargain (did we sell our educational soul) and she was on the pro side. Now I have to say i feel the same way sometimes, but not just about education. I think that so many of the big corporations take institutions such as public education and finds out what they may be looking for such as technology, and keep us wanting more. The technology they are supplying is not what it used to be, remember when a car would last what felt like forever! Now we are trading them in every 4 or five years. Sorry for the rant, anyway now since we have started to use the technology, we have to keep buying from the big businesses to upgrade, repair, and keep up to date. Schools could go bankrupt if we can’t control what they are buying and look at where they are buying from.

Brian’s topic was Openness and sharing in schools is unfair to our kids and he was on the con side. Boy did he argue some good points. He talked about how by students being able to become open in schools while using their technology really helps them to create a digital footprint t in an environment that is controlled and safe. Brian also talked about how this can be an outlet to help students speak out if they are shy. To me this makes so much sense and i agree with both. 

Now as i was listening to both of the debates i thought wow, even though they are arguing two different topics they really do connect with one another. All I could really think about by the time Brian was done was how are we supposed to be able to help our students to create openness in the classroom and good digital footprints without selling out to the big corporations, when it seems they are the ones who are able to provide us with the technology? I really agreed with Emily that we have to try and keep all the decision making locally so we have some control on who is getting the money, and how much they are getting. If we are leaving this up to people who are not even aware of our situation in the school, i don’t think they can really know about the real needs in our schools. This would help to save a lot of time and money i think. I really enjoyed this debate and did not want it to end, so great job to my classmates Emily and Brian you rocked it.


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